Episode 13: Lost and Alone

This week Jonathan takes control of the whole podcast… alone. While Shawn and Clint are on vacation, Jonathan takes the reins and records a solo podcast, fittingly enough, about solo gaming. Jonathan recorded and edited everything for the first time, so big kudos to him. This one’s much shorter than our usual podcast, but it sure beats having nothing at all. Jonathan’s son, Noah, even provided him with a Punch List topic for this week. What more could you want? You know, besides Shawn and Clint…

We’ll be back in August with a full podcast ready to go. This week is GenCon, but we’ll be participating in GenCan’t (the unconvention for everyone who can’t attend GenCon). Maybe there will be some surprises along the way. Stay tuned.


  • Joel Versypt

    I greatly enjoyed the podcast. I normally play video games when I want to entertain myself but I can see myself doing a fair bit of LOTR LCG.

    I keep meaning to buy Friday. I want something short enough to play during the last part of my lunch hour. When I do, I’ll let you borrow it.