Episode 9: Archaeology Game Night

We present our suggestions for an Archaeology game night. Board game night is always fun, but we wanted to explore the concept of themed board game nights. First up is a game night featuring our “menu” recommendations for an archaeology theme. We also wrap up May’s Board Game Book Club for Pandemic and announce the winner of Castles of Burgundy. Sadly there is no Punch List this week, but it will return next week.

Appetizer Top Pick: Fluch der Mumie (Pyramid)
Appetizer Alternatives: Escape: The Cursed of the Temple, Forbidden Desert

Main Course Top Pick: Thebes
Main Course Alternatives: Pergamon, Relic Runners

Dessert Top Pick: Archaeology: The Card Game
Dessert Alternatives: Incan Gold, The Adventures

Honorable Mentions: Lost Cities, Forbidden Island, Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game

Note: In the podcast we say that Thebes is out of print, but it appears that it simply hasn’t hit wide US distribution following the Kickstarter. You may also be interested in the card game version of Thebes called Thebes: The Tomb Raiders.