Episode 8: Random Questions

The strangest podcast we’ve done… so far. A last minute change in the podcast schedule results in Shawn asking Jonathan and Clint random questions about board gaming. Clint presents a punch list that has us putting ourselves into the games we love. We also chat about how our month long commitment to playing Pandemic has been going. The episode is posting much later than we planned but better late than never.

A few notes and references in the episode:

  • A sleeping arrangement miscommunication at BGG.Con 2014 resulted in Shawn and Jonathan sharing a bed. Thus the spooning joke emerged. It has now forever been debated who was the big and who was the little spoon.
  • The reference about some people loving chaos… While playtesting Dead of Winter, one of our playtesters betrayed everyone when he wasn’t the betrayer just to see what would happen. Spoiler Alert: Everyone loses the game. Why do this you might ask? His answer was that he loves chaos.
  • More content was cut from this episode than any other episode, including a strange comment about Tom Vasel putting on his pants one leg at a time.
  • Clint sings more in this episode than any other.
  • The game we are playtesting that we found funny is News@11.
  • This episode was recorded on May 14, 2015.
  • Our next episode has already been recorded and will post soon.


  • JoeH42

    I still think that picture should be Shawn’s profile picture.