Episode 19: BGGCON 2015 Recap Pt. 1

So much happened at BGGCON 2015… that we decided to split our recap into two episodes. Shawn, Jonathan, and Clint reflect on how this year’s BoardGameGeek Convention compared to last year, the people we got to meet, and some of our early convention gaming experiences. Botched rules, grumpy gamers (a.k.a. us), and a game of T.I.M.E Stories that will live in infamy. For the Punch List, Jonathan takes the spirit of time travel and asks us to think about what game we wish we could introduce to our younger selves.


  • Joel Versypt

    For the Punch List, I think that I would pick Saboteur. It is a game that I greatly enjoy, but I think its accessibility, short time comitment and the ability to play with various group sizes would have made it a big hit in both high school and college.

    My favorite games like Agricola and Innovation would not be appreciated by a younger Joel.